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Finna, pronounced ‘finn-ah’, comes from Old Norse and means, “to find”, “to discover”.  It is a good word to describe our people and our culture.  At Finna Group, we challenge each other to find the best answers. We seek data to deliver greater products. Both as individuals and as a company, we are not happy with the status quo. We embrace persistent innovation. We seek competition to push us harder. We respond with relentless pursuit until our performance meets our high expectations.

Our hiring methods work to nurture the culture we’ve created. It starts by asking applicants what they’ve done to specifically improve their skills over time. At Finna Group, you’ll find many individuals that have achieved advanced degrees in engineering, business and accounting. Others are pursuing technical degrees in an effort to constantly progress. We encourage personal growth as a catalyst for greater results at work.

What we do

Finna Group develops advanced industrial sensors and hand-held meters for a variety of manufacturing processes. Most of the sensors enable cloud-based reporting and analysis.

Going forward, Finna Group is the brand name established to embody the integrated businesses.  The company is investing heavily in the advancement of its radio frequency, near infrared and hand-held sensors for its target industries. Powerful data collection is being implemented across the product line to enable cloud-based reporting to support next-generation manufacturing.  Understanding, innovation, and success are the fundamental principles that define our approach to customer needs.

We are excited to earn your business.

Company History

Today’s sensors are undergoing massive reinvention as manufacturers demand more real-time data that constantly measures performance and reports to the cloud. The transformation of the entire industry requires suppliers that respond quickly to changing environments. As a team, the employees at Finna Group have the combination of talent and passionate desire to meet this challenge.

Finna Group started as Signature Control Systems, Inc., in the early 1990’s.  Originally focused on rubber and plastic applications, the business grew to include the largest automotive and thermosetting plastic manufacturers in the country. After selling this business to a domestic chemical company, the remaining employees founded SCS Forest Products in 2008 to develop industrial sensors for the forest products industry.  At the same time, the company completed its first acquisition, Northern Milltech (NMI) based in Fort St. James, British Columbia. NMI gave SCS Forest Products broader access to online sensors monitoring critical processes in the production of lumber for the largest building products companies in North America. The combined businesses expanded to Europe with its close partnership with Dynalyse, based in Sweden. SCS Forest Products and NMI now provide sensors for almost every major lumber producer in North America.

In 2015, the company acquired the assets of Moisture Register Products, a division of AquaMeasure Instruments. This strategic purchase greatly expanded the capabilities of the company with near infrared sensors (NIR) and rugged hand held moisture meters.

Board of Directors

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    Hugh Williamson

    Founder of Finna Group

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    Alan Rogers

    Finna Group Director

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    Tom Sims

    Finna Group Director


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    Patrick Youssi


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    Scott Schneider

    VP, Operations and Engineering

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    LaCount ''LC'' Jones

    Production Manager

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