Aircraft Maintenance

Aircraft Radome Inspection, A8-AF Radome Moisture Meter Aircraft Radome Inspection, A8-AF Radome Moisture Meter

Fixing moisture issues in aircraft radome

A large proportion of repairs needed for aircraft radomes can be attributed to moisture ingression caused by issues such as static discharge or erosion. If not checked properly, water will begin to collect in the honeycomb cells and go through a freeze/thaw cycle. Through a repeated process of the ice expanding, delamination and core disintegration, damage is dealt to surrounding cells. The result of this can be the aircraft getting a false reading on storm cells on the radar scope or, inversely, the radar being misdirected and the pilot misses a storm in front of them. Approved by the U.S. Air Force and trusted by airlines globally, the A8-AF: Radome Moisture Meter is a proven, reliable way to detect these pockets of moisture.

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