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Surfaces to be painted, whether it be wallboard, wood, cement, or concrete block, that are not sufficiently dry cause paint peeling, cracking, fading, curling, etc. Finna Group manufactures several portable moisture meters that are appropriate for detecting both surface moisture and internal moisture content of all these construction and building materials.

Moisture testing before painting gypsum wall board

The models listed below are ideal for gypsum wallboard moisture measurement both in the manufacturing process and for trouble shooting wet drywall following floods, leaking pipes, or other moisture introduction mishaps.  These non-destructive moisture tests allow quick identification of high moisture areas so that corrective action can be taken prior to more extensive problems such as mold growth:

Moisture testing before painting wood

The models listed below are ideal for detecting moisture content in lumber & wood products to prevent the use of lumber that’s either too wet or too dry thereby eliminating swelling or shrinkage.

Moisture testing before painting concrete

The Model B: Concrete Moisture Meter is used to measure moisture content in concrete floors, walls, and in cement blocks. This allows installers to determine ideal timing for floor covering installation following concrete curing.  This model is also very useful for determining cement block moisture content so as to avoid excess shrinkage as the block dries.

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