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All papers have a moisture percentage that varies from about 2% to 12% depending on ambient conditions. The type of pulp, method of refining, and the chemicals used in its manufacture also affect the moisture content. All physical properties of paper are affected by its moisture content. These include:  opacity, permeability, porosity, roughness, compression strength, stiffness, tear resistance, breaking strength, smoothness, electrical resistance and many other properties. The amount of moisture is critically important in the calendering, printing, and paper converting processes.

On-line Paper Moisture Meters

Gravimetrical calibration of typical on line moisture scanners in large paper mills is a time-consuming process and not accomplished as often as needed.  Finna Group offers the SMART III NIR Moisture Sensor on-line moisture meter to provide instantaneous, non-destructive moisture results in real time on either end of the paper machine. This model is useful in all stages of the paper manufacturing process including checking the pulp sheets before the pulp mill, incoming pulp sheets before processing, and paper products received and converted at the converting plant. Near Infrared (NIR) is also well suited not only for pulp and paper moisture analysis but for measuring water-based coating and coat weight thickness. This allows papermakers utmost confidence toward achieving tighter CD and MD moisture control assuring faster startups and grade changes. All while assuring increased productivity, product quality, and substantial energy savings.

Portable Paper Moisture Meters

Finna Group also supplies portable moisture meters to the paper and converting industry. These portables are very useful for finished product quality checks, assisting in the calibration of on-line moisture devices, checking incoming roll stock in the converting industry to see that it meets order moisture specifications and selecting moisture matching linerboard rolls when making boxboard.  The Model AM-III: Paper Moisture Meter is ideal for these measurements as it can be used on both moving and stationary roll stock, as well as finished roll moisture profiling. Additionally, while paper bales may appear dry on the surface, moisture pockets can be buried deep below the surface. With its rounded-point tip, the DC-2000-BP: Baled Paper Moisture Meter can safely insert into the bale and find trouble spots.

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