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Moisture Meters are key in Pest Control

Moisture content under homes that exceeds 15-20% can contribute to rotted sills, joists and subfloors. These conditions are conducive to termite control issues such as infestation, fungi growth and musty odors permeating the upper levels of the home or business. A portable moisture meter, either a pin type moisture meter such as the Models DC-2000 and 9XDC or the pinless wood moisture meter, Model L, are imperative for determining wood moistures.

Once these portable meters provide instantaneous moisture readout, proper remediation efforts can be commenced.  Termite damage is also often apparent in other areas of the structure such as window frames, soffit, attic timbers and framing. Borate formulations, either in liquid spray or foam, are typically used for termite elimination. Effectiveness of these treatments are affected by the initial moisture content of the treated wood. Portable moisture meters are essential for determining the proper termite control treatment based on existing wood moisture conditions.

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