Lab Moisture Analyzer

Moisture measurement is critical to the freshness, quality and storability of all processed food products. When products must be dried during manufacture, the correct final moisture content is an important factor in the profitability of the drying process by both making best use of the fuel used for drying and maximizing the amount of water sold. These guidelines are consistent with industry standards.

Finna Group’s Model MCPC, with applications in the food, chemical, aggregates and other industries, provides rapid, non-destructive moisture measurements on a variety of chunk, granular, and powdered materials. While versatile, the MCPC is used almost exclusively in the nut industry worldwide to perform timely moisture inspections of the incoming product (for grower compensation), during the drying process and for final pre-packaging inspection.

The MCPC uses the principle of weight-corrected capacitance measured at radio frequencies (RF) to determine a physical property that can be related to moisture content. The radio frequencies are high-frequency alternating current waves transmitted at low energy.  They are useful in measuring moisture because they tend to completely penetrate non-conductive material and can therefore gauge moisture both inside and outside a particle. That property becomes especially important when the moisture content is unevenly distributed such as when a product is in the process of being dried.

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