SMART III RF Moisture Sensor

With the SMART III RF moisture sensor, moisture results are continuous, instantaneous and non-destructive.  It is widely used across a variety of applications including gypsum, powdered and granular materials, agriculture and wood products.  To date, more than 200 SMART III RF moisture measurement sensors have been installed at production facilities under the Finna Group brand.

With a number of options available to accommodate unique environments, the SMART III RF moisture sensor is a proven choice for manufacturers.

*Monitor required to complete system (Sold Separately):
SMART III RF LED Screen OR Touch Screen

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The SMART III Radio Frequency Moisture Sensor employs a radio frequency (RF) power loss technique that operates at 2 Megahertz. The sensor projects an RF field into the sample and measures the loss or change in RF dielectric constant as affected by moisture. Thus, the System Response is a measure of the total water in the RF field, which is directly related to the moisture content of the material. The RF power loss absorption principle is a Finna Group patented feature. For high temperature environments up to 485°F (250°C), the high temperature RF sensor can detect product moisture inside a kiln or dryer. Its unique open frame construction minimizes dirt and contaminant accumulations.

The SMART III RF Probe connects to the SMART III RF / Oscillator Box, and is installed in chutes, silos, etc. for measuring powders or granular materials. System includes Oscillator Box and RF Probe Assembly with 8’ cables.  Probe lengths available from 6” to 48” (please specify in comments).  Touchscreen console is required (sold separately).

Key Features

  • On-line analysis of moisture content in thicker, board-type products such as gypsum wallboard,ceiling tiles, OSB, lumber products, etc.
  • Moisture content is displayed directly on the console’s Windows 7 touch screen PC
  • Calibration factors entered on program window
  • On-screen indication and switched output of “Loss of Product” at sensor
  • Analog 4-20 mA output for logging or control
  • Exportable data log (up to 8 hours) with one hour on-screen moisture chart
  • Programmable smoothing for accurate readings

(This product has been renamed from the 910-sT SMART Touch Screen RF Moisture Analyzer.)

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3″x18″ with 15ft Cables (Includes Oscillator Box), 3″x18″ With 8ft Cable (Includes Oscillator Box), 3″x48″ with 15ft Cables (Includes Oscillator Box), 4″x36″ Oscillator Built into Sensor, 6″x8″ Oscillator Built into Sensor, SMART III RF Probe